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new song

2011-02-28 18:24:13 by parlormonkey

hey guys just to let u know i am working on new stuff and it should be here soooooooon anyway if anyone out there is a singer and wants to help me with something it would be greatly appreciated peace out

9 circles pt 3

2010-08-23 11:47:28 by parlormonkey /357472 wooo finally done hope u enjoy its quite a wiered one but all mine are so thats not saying much

new song

2010-08-11 08:11:47 by parlormonkey /354675 new song its not 9 circle pt 3 although that is coming soon hope u enjoy

9 circles pt 2

2010-07-23 15:08:39 by parlormonkey /350013
so tired but it's done don't be put of by the intro it gets better trust me anyway enjoy

9 circles project and ansel

2010-07-23 05:36:41 by parlormonkey

first of all a big thanks to ansel who's awesome game has increased my popularity significantly

secondly to all waiting for part 2 it is coming but i'm having some trouble conveying lust in the song so dont expect a song as good as part 1 till then peace out