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9 circles pt 3

2010-08-23 11:47:28 by parlormonkey /357472 wooo finally done hope u enjoy its quite a wiered one but all mine are so thats not saying much


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2010-09-29 18:06:44

pt 4 .. When is it coming?

parlormonkey responds:

maybe mid feb no promises


2011-01-14 21:28:03

I agree with him. Is it going to be wrath?

parlormonkey responds:

pt 4 im srry to say will not be here anywhere in the new future im srry to say with work at uni plus i cant seem to convey avracie and prodigal into music but whos know i might have some inspiration later on in feb srry guys


2011-01-25 18:02:54

I'm in love with Limbo, please...give the 4th circle life!


2011-06-15 23:32:38

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